Puerto Viejo: Laidback Beachside Community on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

New Yorker Eddie Ryan could arguably be named one of Puerto Viejo’s original expats. He’s been living here since the 1980s. “I came to Costa Rica for the first time 34 years ago, with a friend who was visiting family. During that first trip, someone mentioned the Caribbean coast to me,” he remembers. “It wasn’t a tourist destination at the time—there wasn’t even a road connecting Puerto Viejo and Manzanillo, which are two of the most popular spots today.”

Living Simply and Happily in Costa Rica With Rent of $420 a Month

Houston native Bailey Colby moved to Costa Rica in July 2015 after landing a teaching job at a local school. “I had visited this area before and loved it because it’s such a short distance to so many places. Each beach is different than the next, you have tiny, quiet towns and busy towns nearby Read more...: Living Simply and Happily in Costa Rica With Rent of $420 a Month

In Costa Rica, I Have the Beach Life I Could Never Afford in the U.S.

Costa Rica is not the cheapest country in Latin America...in fact it’s one of the more expensive in Central America. If an ultra-low cost of living is your number one priority, this may not be the country for you. That said, my husband and I still enjoy a beach life here that we could never afford back in the States.