Create Your Dream Life With a Photography Income

When I began taking photographs, it was just a hobby...something I really liked doing on vacation. It never occurred to me I could ever make any money. However, I quickly realized what a lucrative opportunity it was.I built up my photography business from home with the intent of going full time as a photographer and traveling the world to capture amazing imagery. And this past year, it finally became my reality.

Safaris…Glaciers…Volcanoes…And a Paycheck After the Trip

If someone told my younger self that one day my photographs would rescue me from the daily grind...allow me to spend more time with my family...afford me the opportunity to travel the world...and foot the bill to boot...I would have told them they were cuckoo. But photography has led me to climb volcanoes in Hawaii...go dog-sledding on Alaskan game safaris in South Africa...and chase storms across the globe! Thirty-two countries have stamped my passport...and that is just the beginning!