Dubrovnik: Sun, Sea, and Ancient History in Croatia’s Breathtaking South

If I had to describe Dubrovnik in just one word, I think ‘majestic’ would fit—the sheer physical beauty and historical grandeur of this seaside city have to be seen in person to be appreciated— postcard photos don’t do it justice. I visited in late October and still enjoyed warm, sunny days but without the big crowds of midsummer.

Living the Ultimate Greek Lifestyle in Heraklion, Crete

If you long to experience ‘the real Greece’, one of your best options is to head to Heraklion, an alluring small city on the island of Crete. Crete is a beautiful, down-to-earth place where you can take full advantage of the sunny, Mediterranean lifestyle. It’s the biggest of the Greek islands: rich in natural beauty, ancient history...

Things to Do in Malta

It’s amazing just how much there is to experience in Malta, despite its relatively small size. This Mediterranean island nation, located just south of Sicily, offers a surprising range of world-class attractions and activities for all ages. Whether you’re into ancient history, fine dining, diving, hiking, boating, or wandering through vineyards and villages, you’ll never run out of cool things to see and do here...

Explore Zadar: Croatia’s Coolest, Quirkiest Seaside City

While Split and Dubrovnik get most of the visitor attention along Croatia’s breathtaking Dalmatian Coast, there’s a place to the north that should not be missed either: Zadar. It’s a perfect size: not too big and not too small. It has much more of a ‘normal town feel’ (less tourist-focused) than more popular Croatian destinations...

The Complete Work From Home Guide

The global shift to remote work has been going on ever since the internet and smartphones became commonplace, and it’s rapidly accelerating. But what’s the best way to set yourself up at home to accomplish all the same tasks you got done when you commuted to the office? How do you maintain efficiency, avoid distractions, manage time, and cope with the added social isolation that comes with working remotely?