Ordering a Beer…and Other Important Reasons for Learning Spanish

Penny Hierons didn't think she was capable of learning another language. Now she makes a living as a Spanish-to-English translator...and she lives on the beautiful southeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain. "I assumed I just didn't have the bit of the brain that involved doing languages because I'd never shown any inclination or talent for them. But that wasn't true."

A Freelance Income and a Great Social Life in Friendly, Easygoing Spain

Spend any extended amount of time in Spain and you'll likely walk away having learned two of life's important lessons: how to live in the moment and how not to sweat the small things. Spaniards are famed for their friendly and relaxed attitude, and their commitment to always putting family and friends first means life becomes fabulously freewheeling.

Alicante, Spain: Will It Get Under Your Skin, Too?

I arrived in Alicante planning to stay just a few months, thinking I'd wait out Spain's scorching summer months here beside the city's languorous stretch of Mediterranean coastline, a chance to relax and recharge before returning to a larger city. My German landlord eyed me dubiously. He'd moved here almost a decade ago, planning to stay just one year.

Why American Expats are Flocking to Spain for Livelihood

With almost perpetually sunny weather, glittering stretches of Mediterranean coastline, and a relaxed, easygoing lifestyle, Spain has long been a favorite playground for Americans on vacation. But plenty of business-savvy Americans are extending that vacation into a way of life, and making a prosperous living here, too. In a country where even the Prime Minister struggles to speak English, locals are only too aware of the need to improve, meaning native speakers can easily find work as English teachers and translators.

Fun, Friendship, and Insider Tips…Thanks To This Easy Step

It's a little embarrassing to admit but...I knew barely a word of Spanish last year when I arrived in my new home in Spain. I had plenty of time to prepare for the impending relocation but I'd busied myself working full-time and, like lots of other native English speakers, the few Spanish classes I did take just didn't seem to stick.

“You Asked Her WHAT?!!”…Best Get Some Spanish Lessons Fast

Jonathan Ahladas tells a great story about the day his Spanish-born fiancée sent him out solo into the streets of Madrid with a shopping list. It was just a few months after he made the big move across the Atlantic from America to the Spanish capital and at that stage, Jonathan had only a basic grasp of the language thanks to a few months of intensive classes.