Starting a Business in Cambodia

Jennifer and Elisa were living in the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh. Both were aspiring entrepreneurs, and both were on the look-out for a business idea. Elisa had lived in China before moving to Cambodia in 2006 with her family. Jennifer, meanwhile, moved to the Southeast Asian country in 2001 with her partner and two children. Jennifer had worked in the tourism industry for years.

Rent for $770 a Month and Eat Out Seven Nights in Penang, Malaysia

As a soft breeze gently moves the palms around me, I gaze out across a sea of green, perfectly-kept lawn tennis courts. In the distance, where the grass courts end and the playing field begins, there's an early morning cricket match kicking off—a gentle reminder of Penang’s rich colonial history.

My Knee Surgery Cost $2,000 in Penang, Malaysia

When my wife Lisa and I moved to Penang, Malaysia, we decided to join The Penang Sports Club, a five-star facility boasting more lawn tennis courts than any other club in Malaysia. The tennis players there are all levels and ages—a few weeks ago I had a match with a gentleman who is 82. What I love about the club is that most evenings you can turn up on your own, register for a game, and find yourself playing with strangers who soon become friends. It’s incredibly social and we’ve been greeted warmly as new members.