I Embraced a Different Kind of Life in Low-Cost Loja, Ecuador

I moved to Ecuador not knowing the language. What’s more, I moved to Loja, a city with very few expats, where most locals don’t speak English. Surrounded by a language I didn’t know, I felt a little like a deer in the headlights at first. Moving to Loja is a jump-into-the-deep-end, sink-or-swim kind of expat experience…and I loved it.

Never Once Have I Regretted Moving My Family to Ecuador

Three years ago, I left the United States and moved abroad as a divorcée with five kids. As a writer, I could live wherever I had an internet connection. As the breadwinner for a family of six, I needed a lower cost of living to maintain the standard of living I wanted. And, as a mother, I wanted my children to have the enrichment that comes from experiencing a new culture.