Low Season in Belize is Chillout Time

Here in Belize, the weather stays pretty constant all year round (it’s always hot, sunny, and humid), and there is tourism all year round…but there are some distinct differences between high season and low season in terms of day-to-day living. And at this time of year, it’s definitely more chilled. Low season (rainy season) runs Read more...: Low Season in Belize is Chillout Time

Beachside Caribbean Real Estate is More Affordable Than You Might Think in Belize

There’s barely been a better time to look at the beachside real estate market in beautiful Belize. Prices have been dropping for the past year or two, making more homes affordable no matter what your budget, whether you intend to rent or buy. And while many prefer to rent (at least at first), another great benefit of Belize is that it allows foreigners to own land and property outright—even beachfront...

English-Speaking Belize: The Easiest Country on the Caribbean

Belize is a country that not many people know much about. It is a young state, only independent since 1981, before which it was British Honduras. The British have had a huge influence on this small Caribbean nation, to the point where the Queen is still on the paper money. It is the only country in the region with English...

A Small Caribbean Paradise With a Lot of Profit Potential 

When the Caribbean seascape is the backdrop to daily life, things naturally move a lot slower. Whether relaxing in a hammock under a gently swaying coconut palm, or strolling over miles of golden-sand beaches and looking out at the waves crash against the Mesoamerican barrier reef, when you’re in Belize, living life in the fast Read more...: A Small Caribbean Paradise With a Lot of Profit Potential