Beach Bars and Sunset Cruises: A Typical Week in Placencia, Belize

I have been living in Belize for about five years now. I made my home base in Placencia, a laidback community in the southern part of Belize. And I chose this spot for good reason. Placencia is known as the prettiest village in the country. It’s beautifully situated on a 16-mile peninsula that is mostly very skinny—in some places you can see the sparkling Caribbean on both sides of the one road into town...

Low Season in Belize is Chillout Time

Here in Belize, the weather stays pretty constant all year round (it’s always hot, sunny, and humid), and there is tourism all year round…but there are some distinct differences between high season and low season in terms of day-to-day living. And at this time of year, it’s definitely more chilled. Low season (rainy season) runs Read more...: Low Season in Belize is Chillout Time