Spend a Month in Granada, Nicaragua (All Expenses Paid)

We're looking for someone to spend a month in one of our favorite retirement havens: Granada, Nicaragua. With new cafes, restaurants, boutique hotels and art galleries opening up all over the city, Granada has been transformed over the past five years. That’s why we want to send someone (plus a spouse, partner, or friend) there—on us. We'll pay for the round-trip flights, accommodation and give generous living expenses.

Why “Offshore” Shouldn’t be a Dirty Word

But if, by contrast, you’re interested in ways you can go abroad and not only increase your quality of life by living better for less... but perhaps also protect your savings, grow your nest egg, and build a legacy for your children and their children... then read on. There are benefits of having a foothold abroad—advantages beyond the obvious ones like lower costs, a higher quality of life, and the prospect of real adventure.

3 Oceans, 3 Beach Homes – All Under $100,000

If you ever wanted to retire to the beach, or buy a second home on the water, now is the time to act. Prices in certain desirable markets are low right now. But they won’t stay that way for long... The wide white-sand beaches of North-East Brazil stretch for hundreds of miles. The beach towns and fishing villages along this coast are popular with international tourists and Brazilian visitors...