The Expat’s Guide to Meeting People and Making Connections

Expats are a fortunate breed. Unlike back in the U.S., where making friends is often very difficult in adult life, people who live abroad have a built-in group of potential friends in their new country. It’s like being in seventh grade again, surrounded by classmates, or at camp. You won’t be drawn to everyone, of course...

Living Meat-Free in Mexico

The year 1980 saw two milestones in our lives: my husband and I stopped eating meat, and we visited Mexico for the first time. Since then, Barry and I have traveled extensively around the country, especially since 2005, when we bought a home in the city of Guanajuato and began going on an annual paseo, visiting a different Mexican state every January. We’ve also traveled to other parts of Central America and to Colombia. As delightful as these other countries are, none are as vegetarian-friendly as Mexico.