Ecuador Coastal Itinerary: Driving the E15, Ecuador’s “Ruta del Sol”

Under the leadership of former President Rafael Correa, the Ecuadorean government created the new coastal highway called the Ruta del Sol, or in English, the Route of the Sun. Thanks to that Herculean effort, we can now drive the entire coastline northward from Ecuador’s “Miami Beach,”

Life on Ecuador’s Coast is a Full-Time Vacation

I'm sitting on my roof terrace looking out at the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It’s an absolutely picture-perfect postcard kind of day here in my new home of Olon, on Ecuador’s coast. And I'm basking in the feeling of being on a permanent vacation. If I turn around, I can see the coastal mountains awash in various shades of green. While much of the coast here is desert-like, the weather is perfect most of the time, creating a micro-climate that is quite pleasant for people, animals, and the large variety of birds that fly in and out of the terrace and the garden below.