The Number One Tip for Buying Overseas the Right Way

There's a ton of upside when you buy real estate overseas. You can make money, and it's also a great way to mix up your investment portfolio and diversify outside the U.S. and outside the dollar. You often get more bang for your buck, too. I've met lots of folks that bought a beach condo in Panama, Costa Rica, and Ecuador—something they could never afford back home...

Can You Really Bag a Beach Home for $78,000?

For most folks, the perfect way to start a day is with a stroll on the sand or a dip in the ocean. Owning a beach home so that they can do it every day is at the top of many wish lists. Many people think they can't afford to do that. Understandable: When you take the limited supply of beach property and combine it with strong demand, what do you get? Sky-high sticker prices. But you can still bag a beach bargain in some overseas destinations

Property Scout’s Advice: Don’t Let This Happen to You Overseas

Something strange happens when you’re buying property overseas. It happens to cautious folks, wary folks, even savvy folks that are seasoned pros when it comes to buying real estate. It’s something you need to watch out for. It’s getting caught up in the fine details of your contract…and, in doing so, losing sight of the forest for the trees.