Real Estate Trend Alert Insider Podcast: The Strongest Deals in Northern Nicaragua 

In this Real Estate Trend Alert Insider podcast, exclusive to you as a Lifetime RETA member, I talk to Jordan Clark, my contact on the ground in Northern Nicaragua, about some of the best and strongest deals that are presenting themselves in Northern Nicaragua right now. That includes one deal Jordan expects to make absurd Read more...: Real Estate Trend Alert Insider Podcast: The Strongest Deals in Northern Nicaragua 

Real Estate Trend Alert Insider Podcast: Where I’m Putting My Money in Brazil

I recently caught up with my contacts from Northeast Brazil, Daniel and Hanna Neves. We talked over how some of the opportunities members of our group have bought are working out—like getting a year’s worth of rent in just one month in the landscape and beach class condos we bought in 2009 and 2010 on top of strong appreciation. And, the rise in values in my recent recommendation of Fazenda Imperial.

How to Save $91,500 on Beach Property

It's a rare thing these days to be able to say that you own real estate on or close to "Grade A" beach. By that, I mean truly stunning beach, either Caribbean white sands or the bluest stretches of the Pacific Coast. We'll discuss the following three beach areas in detail at our upcoming International Real Estate Investment Forum...and for those in the room, $91,500 in savings will be on offer.

This Beach Province Is Set to Explode in Value

Long, unspoiled beaches...a new infrastructure project that will open up access to an undeveloped but seriously attractive region...and the chance to watch a real estate investment grow rapidly in value: just some of the reasons you need to be looking at Uruguay's Rocha region. Little Uruguay is a small, open economy—and one of the best places to consider buying real estate in the world right now.