A Skiing Retreat From Just €35,000

You’ve waited months for this. The bracing air hits your face while the sensation of snow beneath your skis rekindles a forgotten thrill. With clear skies, you can see mountain peaks nearly 100 miles away, but as you pick up speed, your focus turns to the mountain beneath you and the rush of speeding down Read more...: A Skiing Retreat From Just €35,000

My Big Mac Strategy for Finding Cheap Homes

As the world reserve currency, the dollar still dominates. It’s the currency of foreign exchange reserves, international transactions, and international investments. It infiltrates all aspects of the global economy. When you buy goods at home, the strength of the dollar might not seem so obvious. After all, the price of a gallon of milk is Read more...: My Big Mac Strategy for Finding Cheap Homes

Is This the End of the Crisis?

With news of a working vaccine this week, the world is breathing a sigh of relief. After months of lockdowns, bankruptcies, volatile markets, political turmoil, and endless uncertainty, it’s a very welcome development. The stock market rallied on the back of the news. Some news outlets are calling it the “start of the end of Read more...: Is This the End of the Crisis?

The Mainstream Media Have It Wrong About Real Estate

Don’t believe everything you read in the news… These days, such a statement is so self-evident it verges on banal. But every now and again, I’m reminded why it’s so important. For instance, if you were to believe a recent article in The New York Times, you’d think that a home near the water in Read more...: The Mainstream Media Have It Wrong About Real Estate

Your Election Survival Pack

Shops are boarding up their windows, authorities are readying their defences against mass violence, and an “anti-climb” wall is being built around the White House. This isn’t an invasion, it’s the U.S. presidential election. But unlike any other we’ve seen… Pandemic…protests…it’s been a turbulent year. On Wall Street, traders are extremely nervous. With “buy the Read more...: Your Election Survival Pack