Big Trends and Real Estate Opportunities for 2021

We have had some incredible buying moments in 2020 as a result of the crisis. From the first days of the crisis it was obvious that the global response to COVID-19 was acting as a massive trend accelerator. It’s created big opportunities whether your goal is to own a bargain dream home in historic Europe for under $100,000 or build...

$81K in Gains and a Wacky Idea

I’m here on Tulum Beach enjoying the Caribbean sunrise and listening to the waves gently lap against the shore. I arrived late yesterday evening from Cabo to stormy weather. The wind howled and whistled through the palm trees and palapas all night. It felt like a tropical camping adventure. Today, it’s a return to paradise. Read more...: $81K in Gains and a Wacky Idea

Playa Caracol: Welcome to the Neighborhood

What will it be? Island hopping, fishing, paddle boarding…a trip to the city? Perhaps a hike up Cerro Chame mountain and chilling at a waterfall. Or scuba diving in the Pacific’s sparkling cerulean waters. You might allow the day to unfold naturally. Take a virgin Piña Colada under a coconut palm and watch the bronzed Read more...: Playa Caracol: Welcome to the Neighborhood

Welcome to Fear City (Again!)

Growing up in Ireland, I learned about New York City from movies like Coming to America (starring the brilliant Eddie Murphy), Wall Street, and Martin Scorsese’s mafia masterpiece Goodfellas… It was a gritty city where danger and opportunity were intertwined. You could become a millionaire on Wall Street, then get mugged the next block over. Read more...: Welcome to Fear City (Again!)

How to Profit From New Short-Term Rental Demand

Generating rental income is also a key profit angle in many of the recommendations I make to Real Estate Trend Alert. We profit by buying in the right place at the right price, locking in phenomenal yields. It’s a play that can ensure you always have income flow and peace of mind, no matter what… Read more...: How to Profit From New Short-Term Rental Demand

The Single Best Way to Profit in Real Estate

One of the best and most important strategies I use to find profitable real estate deals is to follow a Path of Progress. I do this by identifying a destination that’s on the up… A place where capital appreciation potential is significantly strengthened by new development…be it new roads, bridges, airports, flight routes, or the Read more...: The Single Best Way to Profit in Real Estate