Earning an Income from Colombian Street Art

Wandering through the busy streets of Bogota, Colombia, you’re bound to come across some colorful street art. From murals to graffiti, the city has become a hub for urban art, a testament to the artistic freedom that Bogota awards to its inhabitants. Expat Christian Petersen first visited in 2001 and moved here full-time in 2011. “Colombia is completely different now in terms of security, tourism, opportunities, economics, and its global perception,” he says.

A Surprising Truth About Colombia

“To be completely honest, Colombia wasn’t my first choice,” says Ashley Peak, about her move to South America. “I had dreamed of the mountains of Peru and the wine in Argentina.” But Colombia was where she ended up after applying for a number of teaching positions on the continent. Since moving to the mountain city of Manizales, in Colombia’s Coffee Triangle, Ashley’s experience in the country has made her question her first reactions toward living in Colombia and her fear of the unknown.