What I Love About My Portable Career in Small-Town Costa Rica

What I love about what I do is that I can work from home. Or, really, I can work anywhere there is an internet connection. I don't have to commute. I have the freedom to be anywhere in the world. For the past seven years, home has been the small town of Atenas in Costa Rica's Central Valley. Although in all, I've been living in Costa Rica about 18 years.

Peaceful Living and a Bargain Home in Costa Rica’s Central Valley

What I love best about living in Atenas, Costa Rica, is how peaceful it is. The capital city of San José is only an hour's drive to the east. But whenever I have to go there, like just the other day, I always breathe out a big sigh of contented happiness when I turn off the highway and onto the main road into Atenas where we live.