Move to Uruguay for the Best Quality of Life in Latin America

As in European cities or neighborhoods of Manhattan or Chicago, whatever I need or want can be had within these 10 square blocks of Montevideo. I was just getting started on my expedition to Uruguay’s coastal cities and towns, but already I could understand why so many expats living in this country say it offers the best quality of life in Latin America.

Find Your Dream Home in Magical Cotacachi for Under $100,000

If I had magic powers, I would clone the little town of Cotacachi, Ecuador, and transport it to wherever you are right now. That way, you could see for yourself what a wonderful place it is to live. It's a quiet, peaceful, and clean little town where kids can still walk home from school and ride their bikes all over town long into the evening hours.

Experience the Gourmet Delights of Ecuador’s Capital City

I am so excited to be returning to Quito this June....I can’t wait, in fact. Ecuador is my very favorite country on the planet. (While I am no longer living in Ecuador full time because of family obligation, I hope to do so again some day in the future.) As far as I am concerned, there is no better place than Ecuador for the great weather and even better scenery.

The REAL Cost of a Good Life in Ecuador

For three days now, I've been telling you that in Ecuador, you can have it all...but at what price? What must you give up to make a good life here? International Living is, at times, accused of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses...of overlooking the bad and omitting the blemishes. If you've been here in Quito the past few days, I doubt you'd agree with that.

How Your Pet Can Share in Your Overseas Adventure

My husband and I traveled with a 90-pound chocolate lab when we first moved abroad 15 years ago. We like to say that our dog, Jack, had more stamps in his passport than most of our friends. He traveled to Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, and again to Mexico with us over the course of his life, with trips back to the States in between. And while pets don’t really have actual passports, they’ll have scads of documents. Honestly, we’d be all for it if there were such a thing as a pet passport that allowed pets to travel as easily as people do.