Find Your Dream Home in Magical Cotacachi for Under $100,000

If I had magic powers, I would clone the little town of Cotacachi, Ecuador, and transport it to wherever you are right now. That way, you could see for yourself what a wonderful place it is to live. It's a quiet, peaceful, and clean little town where kids can still walk home from school and ride their bikes all over town long into the evening hours.

My Top 10 Insider Tips For Moving Overseas

I’m often asked what advice I would give to would-be expats as well as to “already are” expats, so I created this “Top 10” list. This really is a favorite subject of mine and I have much advice to give (just ask my husband!), so let’s get started with these 10 “tip of the iceberg” tips: Examine your motives. Make sure you’re contemplating a move overseas for the right reasons. As the saying goes, “Take your luggage but leave your baggage behind.” You might want to escape a bad marriage, debts, or the toxic political and economic environment of home. And that’s okay. But don’t just run from, but to something. Make this about finding adventure and an overall better lifestyle and that’s exactly what you’ll do.