Earn a Living as an English Teacher in Latin America

The bright Andean sun is bursting through the cloud cover and slowly breathing fresh life into this bustling mountainous region. The waitress smiles pleasantly as she pours me sticky, black Peruvian coffee. I pause for a second and savor the aroma before taking a big gulp and wash down the pastry that I've just eaten. I'm in Cusco, Peru, the historic and spiritual heart of the Inca Empire and a designated World Heritage Site.

Teaching English in Loja, Ecuador is a Real Treasure

Wanted: intrepid explorers...adventurers with a thirst for different cultures...must be willing to taste new and exotic foods...have a deep and friendly smile...age unimportant...you choose your working hours but remember to leave enough time to travel, an instant social life filled to the brim with colorful people who will genuinely try to make your life as easy as possible and you'll even get paid!

They’ll Line Up to Pay You When You Go Overseas With This Skill

I used to be like you. Sitting in front of a computer screen dreaming of faraway places...the sun on my face...lazy afternoons exploring forgotten seaside villages...or drifting through market towns in search of exotic indigenous rugs and hammocks to adorn my beautiful, colonial apartment. And then I decided to actually do it! In 2003, I chucked in my day job, bought a ticket to South America, and never looked back.

Travel More, Work Less – Here’s How

I guess you could call me a maverick English teacher. You see, for the last 10 years I’ve traveled and lived in many exotic destinations around the world, including Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Czech Republic, France and Spain. All this was achieved just by using the power of my words. You might be wondering what I’m talking about. How can it be possible to just use the power of your words to travel the world?