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There are many things I love about Thailand. First off I love the people. Thailand is known as "the Land of Smiles," and in my experience the people are some of the gentlest and friendliest people I have met anywhere in the world. I also love the food. While I enjoy Thai food at home in the States, the food here is amazing and took my taste buds up a notch or two on the heat scale. But these are not the reasons I come to Thailand...I don't come on vacation.

How to Make Money from your Camera

Photography was always my passion. But I hesitated making it my "job" because I did not want to ruin the joy it brought me. I was one of those people that thought art was a hobby, not something that could sustain me. So I went off to college, got a Bachelor of Science (in psychology, sociology, and anthropology), and emerged into the "real world" with a career in social services.