Meteora, Greece: Marvelous Monasteries and Otherworldly Geology

As my husband, Shawn, and I hiked through Meteora’s verdant landscape, scarlet cherries, plump mulberries, and graceful butterflies vied for our attention. We almost stopped to pick a handful of the tempting fruit. However, we were persuaded to continue hiking when we caught our first glimpse of the St. Nicholas Monastery...

Expat Funds Her Life in Spain by Sharing Her Passion for Food

Margalit fell in love with Spain after spending a year in the town of Cazorla as a high school exchange student. After her exchange student experience, Margalit tried to make annual visits to Spain. During one of those trips, she reunited with her host family's daughter, who proposed the idea of becoming roommates in the city of Granada, located in the country's southern region of Andalucía.

The Best Places to Visit in Croatia 2020

Every year, millions of travelers flock to Croatia, drawn to the Southeastern European country’s sun-drenched islands, historic towns, and national parks. Dubrovnik’s walled city gets the lion’s share of visitors, with seaside Rovinj and Plitvice Lakes National Park also attracting much attention. While these spots are certainly worth a visit, the country has much more Read more...: The Best Places to Visit in Croatia 2020

Olive Groves, Pebbled Beaches, and Deep History in Brač, Croatia

It was a gloriously sunny autumn day on the Croatian island of Brač. Determined to find a 1,700-year-old Roman stone quarry, my husband and I brushed past a grove of handsome olive trees with gnarled trunks. Decidedly lost, we chanced upon a mother and son harvesting massive tubs of eggplant-colored olives...

4 Coastal Cities in Croatia Perfect for Part-Time European Living

Based on the idea that Croatia could make a good part-time retirement destination, I’ve singled out four coastal cities that would make ideal hubs for exploring Europe: Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, and Pula. Here, you can take advantage of well-developed transportation networks and urban amenities such as hospitals and shops...