Nomadic Adventurers: Having the Time of Our Lives as Roving Retirees

Having read many successful stories in International Living magazine over the years about people seeking a better life while living abroad, my partner, Damon, and I chose to throw our hat in the ring and see if the life of roving retirees was for us. We set ourselves a budget of $1,800 a month to see if it was possible to establish a life of nomadic adventurers while living abroad. We sold everything and didn’t look back.

A Dream Retirement in Affordable and Ecological Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica

Having dedicated 30 years of their lives to enriching the education of children in Southern Arizona, Allison and Jeff Spencer knew the time was right to make a change for themselves and enrich their own lives. They decided to do this in the beautifully lush and green countryside of Nuevo Arenal, in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica...

Living a Retired Life is Easy and Affordable in Cuenca, Ecuador

When my partner, Damon, and I decided to call it quits and start living our lives as roaming retirees, our friends and family thought we were crazy. We decided to sell everything and head out into the world on the journey of a lifetime. We didn’t have much except some smart investments to fund our Read more...: Living a Retired Life is Easy and Affordable in Cuenca, Ecuador