Italy Itinerary: A Journey Through Southern Italy

When my husband, Keith and I were invited to a wedding on the beach in Puglia, Italy—Margherita di Savoia, to be exact—we decided to make a road trip out of it. Our trip was an ambitious undertaking, including travel from Portugal, through Spain and France, visiting 23 cities in 21 days. But my aim is not to exhaust but entice you to explore...

Folclórico? Fantástico! A Peek at One of Portugal’s Richest Traditions

Welcome to Ranchos Folclóricos, a cultural form originating in Portugal’s rural areas and farming communities. These dances, performed by couples or as groups usually during holidays and special events—think religious feast or harvest festival—vary regionally, as do the costumes...

Is Portugal a Safe Place to Live

I’ve been living in various areas of Portugal for the last six years and find it incredibly safe. In fact, the Global Peace Index, which rates 163 countries for safety, ranks Portugal number three. The U.S. State Department rates Portugal a Level One, meaning take normal safety precautions. Some of this is obvious: don’t leave Read more...: Is Portugal a Safe Place to Live

6 Top Praias Fluviais—Portugal’s River Beaches

Most visitors to Portugal arrive at the international airport in Lisbon. With so much to see in and around this major metropolitan area, many vacationers concentrate their time there, soaking up life on its bustling streets, savoring the legendary cuisine, and exploring a local castle or two. If they venture away from the capital, they Read more...: 6 Top Praias Fluviais—Portugal’s River Beaches

Trading “Someday” for “Today” in Santa Luzia, Portugal

When 60-year-old New York real estate finance executive Will Traylor and Joseph Wisniewski, 54, a former public-school teacher, traveled to Portugal last December, they discovered what they were looking for. Nine months later the couple arrived in Santa Luzia, moved into their fully furnished townhouse, and are now living their dream.