Ascoli Piceno: A Livable Italian City With Homes From $180,000

I’ll see your town in Provence and raise you one splendid city built of travertine limestone in Italy. I’m sure the ingrained rumors of French indifference toward foreigners aren’t really true, especially in Provence, where warm smiles and genuine hospitality are the norm. But Italy—ah, la bella Italia...

Property Bargains in Italy’s Basilicata Region

Because the area has lost residents in the past half-century, there are lots of properties available, but you have to make an effort to find them. Most towns don’t have real estate agents. We found our little 300-year-old casa in the village of Trivigno thanks to the village’s former mayor. We paid just $32,000 for the habitable house with three separate stone-hewn cantinas, used to store firewood and wine.