The Baby Boomer’s Easy Answer to Funding a Life Abroad

In 2001, I was eager to leave my corporate job. After several decades of "fighting the good fight," that kind of work had become monotonous and fatiguing. You may have been there too...or maybe this is where you are now. An endless stream of meetings, discussions, phone messages, travel, and more. At the end of the day it takes its toll.

3 Simple Guidelines For Starting Your Portable Career

For most of us Baby Boomers, our career was intense, long hours with lots of meetings, some bad bosses, and some tough economic times. So when you transition to a post-career income (whether it's to fund your retirement or just to earn some extra spending money), you want to avoid all those things you weren't so crazy about during your career.

Advice From an Expert: Not All Portable Incomes are Created Equal

Humans have been running around this planet for approximately 400,000 years. But Baby Boomers are the first generation of people who, as a group, will be living 20 to 30 years into their "retirement." And not just "living" but living healthier and more active lives thanks to medical science and the rapid pace of innovation in successful ageing.