5 Reasons Why Cuenca Might be Right for you… and 2 Reasons Why it Might Not

Cuenca, Ecuador has caught the eye of many retirees. Thanks to coverage by outlets like NBC, Forbes, and USA Today, the city is gaining more international attention. And here at International Living, Cuenca gets frequent exposure due to our belief that it’s one of the world’s best destinations for living abroad.

No Regrets About Choosing Cotacachi, Ecuador

''You could hike every day here and see something different,'' says Kristin Simmon-Lowman of her new home in the highlands of Ecuador. ''My friends and I just hiked Fuya Fuya (an inactive volcano), which was wonderful. ''Now we're working up to doing Mount Imbabura (one of Ecuador's most iconic mountains), so we've been getting a training system going to get in shape for that. There are waterfalls all around and a lot of lower foothills.''

The Life You’ve Been Looking For in Ecuador’s Intag Valley

It's not a place for your typical expat lifestyle, that's for sure. There are no theaters, no shopping malls, and no gourmet restaurants. You won't head to a local sports bar to watch the Super Bowl or soak in your condo building's on-site pool. But for a certain type of person, Ecuador's Intag Valley holds just the life they are looking for.