How This Expat Improved Her Spanish Skills Through Knitting

You never know what can happen when you move to another country, particularly one where the language is different to your own. And when you learn the language, it can help you to build relationships with the people in your new local community. I often run into people I taught Spanish to 10 or 15 years ago and I always ask them how their Spanish is going. Mostly the response is the same: “My Spanish is horrible but I get along just fine. The Power Verbs take you a long way.” (With Power Verbs, students learn to say “I need... I want... I am going to... I can… and combine them with 100 verbs. This gives them to skill to express their needs and want.)

Why This Politician Was Scared to Order an Ice Cream

The man was a powerful politician. He might not like to be identified…so I’ll call him John. He came to visit me in San Miguel de Allende, the beautiful Mexican town where I have lived for 25 years, teaching Spanish to people of all ages. John was working on his Spanish through my online program and had learned the basics. Now, he wanted to improve his command of the language, in the field…so to speak. But, in spite of his many successes over the years, this high achiever confided in me that he was nervous about taking what he had learned into the real world.