Our Own Private Hotel for Free in Beach-Town Mexico

The warm turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico are just steps from “our” nine-room boutique hotel on the outskirts of  Celestún on the Yucatán peninsula, where we're currently housesitting. Most mornings my husband, Michael, and I have the beautiful white-sand beach and some of the clearest waters in the Yucatán all to ourselves.

How We Travel the World and Save $30,000 a Year in Accommodation Costs

My husband Michael and I just celebrated a big "travel" anniversary. After traveling full time for over five years, we are neither broke, nor burnt out. The reason that we still love our nomadic life is because we've figured out a way to travel that saves us up to $30,000 a year in accommodation costs and has helped keep us sane.

Cut Your Travel Expenses in Romantic Europe

I confess I am a travel addict as is my husband Michael. We've seen much of the world and we want to see more. One highlight I will never forget is our four-month long trip to Europe. Long after the azure twinkle of the Mediterranean disappeared beneath the clouds, and our plane soared toward the Americas, the views still sprang fresh to mind: the canyon that cleaves the Spanish town of Rhonda in two, washed by the setting sun...the rolling hills of Tuscany...the white villages of Andalucia, stacked like brilliant sugar cubes.