Beach or Jungle? Belize Gives You Both…And More

“From the moment I set foot on Belize, I fell completely in love,” says Mitch Quigly.

“Belize is the perfect country. Pristine beaches on one side and beautiful, lush jungles on the other. It is a hidden paradise for anyone wanting a taste of life on the Caribbean or to live in the remote areas of the Maya.”

Mitch has now lived in Belize for more than two years. Originally from Idaho, he had been working in the seafood industry in Port Angeles, Washington but knew that wasn’t how he wanted to live the rest of his life. Living in Belize has given him the opportunity to live life on his own terms without getting caught up in the typically stressful lives so many live in the States.

“The feeling of independence that comes from starting something new in a foreign place is something beyond compare,” he says.

Mitch didn’t just find his dream country—he found friends and a social life, and married a Belizean woman, Priscilla. Together they are creating a fantastic life in their Caribbean paradise.

Priscilla owns a salon in Belize City and Mitch has set up a little wine shop to cater to that clientele. When they aren’t running their businesses, they take in all that Belize has to offer…the rainforests and farmlands of Cayo, the Placencia Peninsula surrounded by turquoise waters, or one of the many island getaways.

“In our free time we love to venture out to Cayo. There is something about getting up into the hills of Belize that takes all of your stress away. Our final destination is usually San Ignacio or the Pine Ridge area. Along the way, however, we always make sure to take a quick stop at Guanacaste National Park for a little swim in the river, and the local market in Belmopan for salbutes (deep fried tortillas).”

Another favorite spot for Mitch and Priscilla is Goff’s Caye—a small island off of the Belize mainland coast that is excellent for day trips. “There is a small covered area where you can set up a barbecue and enjoy the beautiful turquoise water and white-sand beach. We aren’t too much into deep-water swimming, but we do enjoy taking our snorkel gear and splashing around,” says Mitch.

Mitch does a lot of business in the Placencia area as well, so he sometimes takes a weekend down to the point. “The St. Herman Blue hole is a beautiful cenote where we like to take a break on the way down,” he says. “And Placencia is one of the most relaxing and beautiful places in Belize.”

Mitch’s main source of income is freight forwarding and shipping and he has set up his own company Bayside Distributors Limited.

“I am pleasantly surprised at how well my business has taken off. It supports my wife and myself and we are able to travel when we want to and enjoy little luxuries here and there,” he says.

His wine shop is more of a hobby.

“My wife and I enjoy a nice bottle of wine at the end of our day…and that has blossomed into a small wine and beverage distribution service,” he says.

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