Belize Rumors

The rumors are true—our “Belize Initiative” is back. We’re releasing it this Saturday, Oct. 29. (We’ve spent more than $20,000 on this project.)

Belize is the Caribbean’s last secret. The country should be heaving with North American tourists and residents. But the rich and famous seem to have the place mostly to themselves.

When you realize how low the prices are here, you can see that almost anyone can afford a Caribbean beach house.

Belize (including its islands) is fun, friendly, laid-back, and easy, with lots of beach.

Most people who have seen photos of Belize may assume that it’s too expensive. After all, there are a lot of million-dollar homes along the coast. Large yacht slips are almost standard. Hollywood celebrities own islands and hotels here.

Yet just a stone’s throw from the same stretch of coast, you can own a cottage for less than $140,000.

But affordable beach is only a small part of the real Belize story. It’s easy to fit in…everyone speaks English…they hate taxes…and consistently defend their asset protection laws in international courts.

For all these reasons and more, we’ve invested heavily in creating the ultimate Blueprint for A New Life in Belize. It’s a virtual boots-on-the-ground walk-through of the best opportunities and most useful insiders that Belize offers right now.

More interactive than a report, cheaper than a flight, faster than a conference, the “Belize Initiative” makes Belize so easy, you could be living the tropical dream by the New Year!

Take your time reading this to get up to speed.

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