Big Discounts on Costa Rican Land

Refreshing breezes rustle up 1,300 feet from the blue waters of the Caribbean that frame the horizon. On my last visit, it was winter in North America. Yet here, at 7.30 a.m., it was bright and sunny with temperatures in the mid-seventies.

This is Costa Rica’s Talamanca mountains, where you get magnificent views of the Caribbean and the surrounding mountains and valleys. The wildlife is abundant, with hundreds of bird and animal species.

This area is an adventure- and nature-lover’s paradise. You can explore on horseback, enjoy a quiet nature hike, a volcano tour, or perhaps a visit to an indigenous village.

Or maybe go kayaking and white-water rafting. And with the Caribbean nearby, there’s sport fishing, dolphin-watching, or snorkeling and scuba diving. Then, at sunset you can just kick back with a cocktail by the beach.

The finest real estate project in the region is a diverse site, with virgin rainforest, five rivers, two waterfalls, and gently rolling hills. As I drove in I was struck by how tasteful the roads were designed and laid out as they followed the contours of the hills, bordered by carefully planted flowers and grasses. The communal area and pool looks across the valleys to the sea. Homes are complete and under construction on large lots of one to five acres.

Eight lots are still available. These range in size up to almost 2.5 acres. Prices range from $78,000 to $96,000. Yet there’s a way you could get in from $52,000…or enjoy a discount of up to $36,000. Here’s how.

An off market deal is where the same piece of real estate is offered to different groups for a different price. It happens all the time and for different reasons. In this case the next phase of this project is in the works—and the existing phases (1-3) need to be 100% sold and closed before they move forward. That’s why they’re willing to leave something on the table to sell the last of this phase.

Four of these eight lots were reserved but for various reason the buyers backed out. This is normal…you always have a certain number of fall-outs at close time.

In real estate there’s an old saying that we make money buying, not selling. If you buy well you are ahead from the get-go. That’s where deals like this come in. That’s why I have invited these guys (among many others) to come to Toronto for the International Real Estate Investment Forum to present this opportunity. Full details about the Forum will be released soon.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is the director of Pathfinder (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser). Find out more about Pathfinder here.

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