Big Earning Power in London, Tuscany, and Costa Rica

Last year I traveled to nine countries. I stayed in Costa Rica for six months and Mediterranean Malta for three months. This year, I am once again dividing my time between Costa Rica and the Mediterranean…as well as visiting seven other countries.

Right now, I’m in London, taking a break from the tropics and the glorious island life. My days are filled with visiting attractions like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Eye…while stopping off at quaint English pubs for lunch and perhaps a beer or two. By night, I’m enjoying the buzz around Piccadilly Circus.

The international lifestyle I enjoy is thanks to a career without borders—one I discovered in 2001…copywriting.

Copywriting is writing copy for marketing.

Just a few months after I started, I landed my first paid client. I got paid $10,000 to write a 12-page letter. I was sold. I knew copywriting was my ticket to a new life then and there.

It’s remarkable how quickly your career can take a turn for the best when you’re fully passionate and engaged. In my former corporate life I could barely remember what that even felt like.

After 15 years in corporate banking in Australia, where the last five years were in management, I’d had enough of slaving away all day for an ungrateful boss who never really rewarded me for all of the blood, sweat, and tears I put in.

During the last few years of my banking days, I never once jumped out of bed in an eager rush to get to my desk. These days I do that regularly.

Just recently I was in Tuscany, Italy. Waking up to birds chirping and freshly brewed coffee, the Italian way, I got out of bed, and opened the shutters to soak up the glorious view of the Tuscan valleys below. Rolling hills of olive trees, vineyards, fruit trees, and Tuscan farmhouses…it’s such a postcard-perfect view.

My creative writing juices flowed easily for a few hours. Then it was time to explore the hills, take photographs, and look forward to relaxing later in the early evening with a bottle of local wine, waiting for another glorious sunset.

By turning my back on the rat race of my former corporate life and learning a new, in-demand skill, a traveling lifestyle is no longer a dream for me. It’s a reality and one that I enjoy fulltime.

Like most major turns in life, mine didn’t happen overnight….though I now realize I could have made the shift happen much faster.

If you’re reading this, thinking you could never do it, you would be wrong! Yes, I was lucky to land a $10,000 client straight up. Not everyone does. However copywriting provides you with the means to earn a six-figure income, year after year.
Just recently, a new copywriter I mentored charged $3,000 to write a three-page letter for his client as well as $2,000 for a full-page magazine advert for another.

And another copywriter I know put an extra $4,400 in his pockets in three days. If they can do it, so can you, regardless of your current situation. As for me, becoming a freelance copywriter gives me the freedom to travel the world, live in other countries, and earn a great income working just a few hours a day.

I can’t imagine living life any other way.


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