Blog and Enjoy Luxury Travel on Someone Else’s Dime

Six years ago, I was a lobbyist. It was a stressful job, and let’s face it, politics is like watching sausages being made—you really don’t want to know what’s inside.

So, I came up with an exit plan. I wanted to create a better lifestyle for myself. I wanted more adventure. I wanted to travel more. I wanted to be in control of my own destiny.

I was able to disentangle myself from the world of politics and improve my quality of life by creating my own blog.

Starting my blog was easy. I didn’t have to hire anyone, I did it all myself. And trust me, I’m not a techie. I found a pre-made template that I liked and customized it to fit my personality and brand. I can add or edit my posts as easy as posting to Facebook and adding photos is a snap. These days…

  • I jet-set all over the world, on someone else’s dime. Once you have a successful blog, you become an “influencer,” and destinations will be clamoring for you to visit. I’m now at the point where I am turning down invitations to press trips because I have all the free travel I can handle.
  • I set my own schedule. I can work my trips around important events and holidays. No more “two-weeks’ vacation” or asking permission for a day off.
  • I get to write using my own “voice.” There’s no writer’s guidelines or strict grammar rules to follow when you’re the boss.
  • I earn a passive income by promoting products that I’ve tested and loved.
  • While traveling to get content for my blog, I can earn a tidy side income writing stories for other blogs and online and print travel magazines.

Last month I spent two weeks in and around Cairns, Australia. Every day brought a new adventure. I went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, the longest reef in the world; took a cable car high up into the world’s oldest rainforest; learned how to throw a boomerang from an Aborigine; and enjoyed some relaxation time in an ultra-luxurious contemporary penthouse with floor–to-ceiling windows and a terrace overlooking the waterfront.

Next month I’m jetting off to Eastern Europe, to explore Hungary, Romania, Moldovia, and Ukraine. I foresee lots of castles, history, and scrumptious food and wine on this trip. And then, it’s onwards to Cuba for salsa lessons, driving in 1950’s cars, and soaking up the retro Latin charm.

After that…who knows? I’m living my life on my own terms.

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