Brazil: “A Perfect Destination for Wine Lovers”

Name: Michael Young

Age: 60

Nationality: U.S.

Living in: Brazil

I thrive on new adventures and places. I’ve spent time in Asia and Central America, but before moving to Brazil two years ago, I’d never set foot in South America. I’m drawn to dynamic places that have a strong economy and good prospects for the future. Brazil fits this profile.

My wife is Brazilian, and we live in the capital of the state of Paraná, called Curitiba. It is a city of 1.8 million, and quite modern with nearly all the amenities you could want. My wife is a university professor.

We travel around Brazil as much as possible. We enjoy the nearby oceanfront town of Balneário Camboriú, and the fabulous small town of Gramado farther south. Because of the strong economy, I have been doing some small-scale real estate investing, which has excellent prospects. We also want to develop a small travel business we have—tourism in Brazil has enormous potential.

We particularly like the wine country of Rio Grande do Sul, an area around the town of Bento Gonçalves. For many years, I worked in the California wine business. I’ve traveled to most wine regions of the world, including those well known in Argentina and Chile.

The Brazilian wine business is in an earlier stage of development. The wines are good but hardly known outside of Brazil. The sparkling wines are particularly nice. And the wine country is beautiful, with scenery to rival any in the world. It features one of the most stunning estate wineries anywhere, Villa Francioni: the perfect destination for adventurous wine lovers.

The people are friendly and accepting. It’s easier to make friends here, and fewer formalities exist. It’s quite acceptable to just show up to visit friends or family—you’ll be welcomed. People appreciate my efforts at Portuguese and always ask where I am from.

Professional service providers such as dentists and doctors are much more personal here. They get to know you and are easily available by phone to discuss any issues.

The food is abundant and good, especially the tropical fruits. And they have a unique restaurant system at lunch called buffet por quilo. This is a self-service buffet where you weigh your food and pay by the kilo. The selection is excellent, and you get exactly what and as much as you want.

Brazil is a huge and diverse country, much like the U.S. Its enormous coastline often attracts people, but it also has the second-largest city in the Americas (Sáo Paulo), the Amazon, immense agricultural lands, mountainous areas, and a number of smaller attractive cities. There’s plenty to appeal to any taste.

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