Brazilian Beach Life

This truly is a special little beach town. The pace of life is slow…but funky. Cobblestone streets are lined with fishermen’s homes. Blooming flowers crawl over freshly painted exteriors. For a playground, the kids have miles of beach and a soccer ball.

This is also mum and dad’s office…where they repair fishing nets and touch up the paint on their fishing boats.

These homes are near Italian restaurants, a German grill, a trendy kite surfing shop and beach bars, where bronzed adventurers come to enjoy caipirinhas at sunset to the soft melodies of chill out tracks. Miles of white-sand beaches stretch out uninterrupted east and west of here.

This is the type of beach town I’d expect to find way out in the middle of nowhere. Like I saw in Thailand over a decade ago. A place beautiful enough to draw an eclectic mix of residents and visitors from far afield. Usually too secret…or too far off the beaten track to grab the attention of the mainstream.

Here, though we are only 30 minutes from downtown Fortaleza’s First-World shiny boardwalk—host to more domestic tourists than anywhere else in Brazil (over 3 million last year). The international airport is just a little farther.

Standing on the beach at Cumbuco…where I have seen baby turtles take their first shuffling steps toward the water…you can see Fortaleza’s glimmering skyline.

This would be a great place to have a beach home.

On the western edge of the village of Cumbuco you’ll find a charming little gated beach community. Here, you are five minutes by beach buggy (that’s how you get around) from Cumbuco. High-end houses are complete or under construction. The landscaping is top-class. Amenities include a pool, tennis courts, soccer field and clubhouse. The community sits alongside the beach so you have direct beach access.

Lots here are available with no money down and monthly interest-free payments of 3,333 reais ($2,100) for two years. The infrastructure and amenities are already in. You don’t have to rely on the developer’s promises that he will build a pool or a clubhouse. Condo fees on one of these lots comes in at 160 reais ($100) per month. This includes all maintenance of common areas. Expect to pay 150 reais (about $90) per month to a guy to take care of your house and garden daily if that’s a service you want.

Join us in Toronto this June 9-11 for the International Real Estate Investment Forum, where there will be a special presentation on this opportunity and you can get in on the interest-free finance offer.

Each time I have visited Cumbuco since my first visit just over three years ago I am greeted by new parks, squares, trendy beachfront bars, kite surfing shops and posadas. But Cumbuco is still a charming little town with a laid-back feel. Development within the village is tightly controlled: There will be no intrusive highrise.

I expect it will keep this feel even as development comes. And it’s coming. Last year a new five-star resort opened on land adjoining this beach community. This added amenity makes this little beach community even more attractive.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is the director of Pathfinder (IL’s preferred real estate advertiser).


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