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Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is famous for its beautiful beaches such as Ipanema and Copacabana. And rightly so. Craggy green mountains and a sweep of gleaming high-rises in the background… azure ocean to the front, sprinkled with little islands…and beautiful beach bodies relaxing on crescents of dazzling white sand…

It’s not surprising that most of the foreign tourists who vacation in Brazil come to Rio.

What may surprise you is that when most Brazilians vacation at the beach, they don’t go to Rio. Instead, they head to the state of Ceara on Brazil’s northeast coast. It’s Brazil’s top domestic tourist destination.

So what do those savvy Brazilians know that foreign tourists don’t?

Well, Ceara is home to some of Brazil’s most famous beaches. They’re not as famous as Rio’s…and you won’t see them on TV or a billboard near you anytime soon. But they’re well worth a visit.

And, unlike Rio, a beach property in Ceara is very affordable.

My favorite beach town in Ceara started as a little fishing village. It backs onto a stunning beach. The beach is the focus of the community. It’s where the locals set out for a day’s fishing in their simple wooden boats. They sell their catch as soon as they land. Much of it goes straight on the grill in local restaurants. Kids kick soccer balls on the sand, happily celebrating goals and near-misses.

The white-sand beach runs for miles, fringed with palms and dotted with huge glittering sand dunes. The tropical warmth of the ocean invites you to take a dip before sinking back beneath the shade of a coconut tree. Up above, kite-surfers swoop past, flashes of yellow and scarlet against the summer-blue sky.

The Scandinavians were the first to start coming to this town, to kite-surf. Today the locals share their beach with a scattering of trendy bars and restaurants and a kite-surfing school. More recently, a luxury five-star resort on the edge of town opened. It’s now bringing in Brazilian tourists, mainly from Rio and Sao Paulo, who pay up to $450 a night for a room.

But despite the new businesses…and its closeness to a major city (it’s only 30 minutes from a city with 3 million people)…this little beach town still feels like a hidden gem. It’s under the radar of mainstream mass tourism. It’s completely off the radar of North Americans.

Which is why you can buy a lot in a beachfront community for $55,915 here—that even comes with financing.

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