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If you are working an average job in the U.S., you might be just like I was a few years ago. I was working a 9-to-5 desk job at a bank, spending what little daylight hours I had running errands, cooking and cleaning up, and preparing for it all to start over again. Like most people, I had a yearning for adventure deep in the pit of my stomach, and didn’t know how to “fix” it.

After attempting to squash these unrealistic fantasies—to live in a villa in Greece, run my fingers across the castles of Ireland, and feed monkeys from my porch in Thailand—I had a life-altering realization.

As long as these places existed, I could have those experiences. I just had to find a way…

My dreams became even bigger as I started to visit the cities of the world. I zipped in and out of Europe, Australia and about the States with an ever growing passion for traveling. The more I fed my desire, the more I absolutely needed to see. I found that I didn’t want to come home—I wanted the trip to be my “home.”

My new partner shared the same dream, and we made a plan to make “living on vacation” a reality. Our goal was to find work that could be done remotely.

There are several online employment options these days. He decided to roll the dice and start up a virtual business with a friend. I began investing my time in volunteer writing projects, in an effort to learn content management systems, as writing is my passion. I didn’t know where these new skills would take me, but they were pushing me in the direction of earning my own online income.

Once we felt financially safe enough to embark on a world exploration—one without a set schedule or timeframe—we booked tickets to Costa Rica. We had a hard time picking the first stop on our “vacation,” but we made our decision based on the flourishing economy, non-violent crime rate, modern and affordable health care, low cost of living, and the ecological beauty of the country. We originally planned to stay for three months, and then hop off to a new mysterious land, but we fell incredibly and genuinely in love with Costa Rica. So much so that we plan to make it our “home base” on the road of adventure.

What has changed in the life of that young woman sitting in front of that computer in that endless cycle of bills, buying, and boredom?

Well, the bills are smaller. Much smaller, in fact. We rent a three-bedroom rancher on a cozy and quiet suburb street for $300 per month. We certainly buy less—not out of necessity, but because we don’t need extra “stuff” to make us happy.

We spend our money on things that take time to enjoy, like flowers for the garden, cookware and supplies for making meals from scratch, and on weekend getaways (we often go on vacation on our vacation). As far as boredom—that’s impossible. There is so much to experience in a land of many unique ecosystems and natural glories, we can never fall back into dismal complacency about our environment. If we ever reach that point, guess where we’ll go?

We don’t know, actually, but we do know one thing: we will go when and where we feel the urge to on this magnificently diverse planet. We know the calling for something different should not be ignored, and we know how easy it is to answer it. Don’t let yourself be trapped by the culture you’re in. Live the life of your dreams, because you can.

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