Building Your Successful, Portable Income

Living or travelling abroad for extended periods of time is something most only dream of…and for good reason.

It certainly was for me seven years ago. However as I write this, I am sitting in a high-rise in Panama, having just arrived from six weeks of sunshine and warm weather on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Years ago this kind of life was reserved for only the most accomplished, sophisticated, and wealthy on the planet.

The image of the “global executive” hopping from world capital to world capital is something movies are made of.

What changed?

The Internet.

As the Internet reaches around the world into ever more nooks and crannies so does your ability to earn an income online.

You still have to “show up” but you can do that from a beach-side villa in Panama…the jungle paradise of Costa Rica…or the beautiful town of Cotacachi nestled in the mountains of Ecuador…any place you can get online.

How to get started?

Getting the cart before the horse is a common way to get started…but it’s also frustrating and time consuming. I’ve found a few steps, in a specific sequence, will save the would-be online worker much of that agony.

1. Assess your own skills carefully

Too many people stumble on this first step!

Why? They suffer from “hardening of the categories”…they don’t know how to break their occupation down into its component skills.

I remember working with a nurse who couldn’t imagine how she might work online.

As we discussed her career she realized she had very good verbal and written skills. While she couldn’t do “nursing online” she could do proof-reading for health related blogs, she could provide online video training to fellow medical professionals about a new medical device and she could help families navigate the process (by phone and email) of helping a loved one transition to assisted living…all valuable skills that could be “delivered” online from anywhere in the world.

This is one of the areas that I see people “go off the rails” when it comes to their portable, online business. They purchase some crazy program that promises wild earnings while pressing “only a few buttons a month.”

The overwhelming number of Baby Boomers will find their quickest and surest path to sustainable online earning is their own career and life experience properly analyzed.

2. Put your skills on the global market

Once you’ve decided what your skills are, the next question is “How do I find people who will pay me for my skills?”

A decade ago you’d start knocking on doors, pestering friends and relatives, and generally try to scratch your way in.

It is much easier today with what are called “job and project networks.” They are THE online place to go to get your share of over 300,000 assignments every month.

Everything from a simple proof-reading assignment that you can turn around in an hour to five-figure assignments that extend over months. And best of all, these are all assignments that can be done online.

And if you catch yourself thinking that these might be some fly-by-night websites, you’ll be comforted to know that the largest of these sites are backed by some of the same venture capital investors who funded Apple, Amazon, Google, and many other giants of the technology industry.

3. Learn how to efficiently and effectively work on these networks

If you Google around the web you’ll quickly find some of these networks. They are easy to find and many people have signed up for them. Usually it’s free. But many people struggle to work on these networks because they don’t “get” how to work them most successfully. It isn’t like working for an employer. And what may have “worked” in your career, frequently must be adapted to the online world. Unfortunately, most people approach this with the trial and error method, which can frequently lead to frustration and disappointment. This is where we can help…

We have a special program designed specifically for Baby Boomers, who want to have a portable income so they can live and travel abroad. And, maybe most importantly, who don’t have the time or patience for a trial and error solution.

During our upcoming Income Accelerator Challenge we’ll spend an hour together every week for eight weeks, and I’ll coach you on the best strategies for getting started, how to find your skills that are in most demand, what networks would be the best fit for you, how to put your best foot forward with clients, and how to make sure you get paid promptly when you’ve finished your client’s assignment.

Building your own online earning system is a stunning way to transform your life over the next decade. Think about how your life would change if you could earn an income while vacationing or living abroad. Where would you go? How long would you stay? What would you do?

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