Buy Brazilian Beer and Grow Rich

There’s special art to drinking beer in Brazil. One of my favorite haunts is Bar Filial in the Vila Madalena neighborhood of São Paulo. Sit at a table there, and it will be mere seconds before a waiter in a starched white jacket and a black bowtie glides up to you with a tray of recently-pulled draft beers—what Brazilians call chopp (pronounced shoppe).

Finish one, and the same waiter will rush back again and plunk another down in front of you.

It’s not just the customers of Bar Filial who are thirsty for beer. Thanks to its population of 190 million and its legal drinking age of 18, the whole of Brazil is a massive beer consumer, too. On average, Brazilians drink just under 58 liters of the stuff a year.

This spells opportunity. Because something big is happening in Brazil: a tidal wave-like demographic shift that will bring Brazil’s brewers more and more customers each year. I’m talking about the explosive growth in the county’s middle class.

In Brazil an estimated 35 million people joined the ranks of the middle class between 2003 and 2009. And another 20 million are expected to join the middle class by 2014.

This is not only fantastic news for Brazil. It’s also great news for globally-minded investors, because this massive demographic shift can lead to big profits over the long term.

There are two keys to simplifying your investing strategy and profiting in the global stock markets without fretting over the short-term direction of stocks: Identify big, unstoppable, and overwhelming trends, and identify the companies best placed to profit from these trends.

In the case of Brazil, the big, unstoppable, and overwhelming trend is the explosive growth of its middle class. And the company that’s best placed to profit is…

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