Buy Costa Rica for $188 a Month

I wrote four months ago about Lake Arenal in Costa Rica:

“Lake Arenal, Costa Rica has been overlooked. It’s stunningly beautiful. The weather is near perfect. The community of locals and expats is welcoming and friendly. I”ve seen situations like this before. Places like the Caribbean Bay Island of Roatan and Boquete, Panama were beautiful undiscovered places. Once the word got out…and they became an ‘in’ place…the real estate prices shot up.”

Since I wrote this, the market there has taken off. A new project close to town sold out in a matter of weeks. The early-in window of opportunity is closing. The best lots are being snapped up. As I predicted, prices are rising. Now is the time to get in.

Attendees at our International Real Estate Investment Forum this June 7-9 can buy a lake view lot “off market.” After the Forum, this deal is off the table. I don’t know if I will ever again be able to offer a deal like this along the shores of Lake Arenal.

At Arenal you will find a mirror-flat lake with a dark green, tree-lined shore rising steeply to the cone of a towering volcano. This place is hidden, secret…yet you have safe and stable Costa Rica amenities and attractions on your doorstep. And, the world’s most bio-diverse country all around.

It’s stunning, unique, special and conveniently tucked in the hills between between the country’s two major international airports of San Jose and Liberia. I’m not talking about some inaccessible backwater. I’m talking about one of the world’s most beautiful and welcoming countries. And this might just be her most prized gem.

Perched above the lakeshore, you could buy (if you attend the International Real Estate Investment Forum) a lake view lot with $2,500 down and monthly payments of $187.50. Because this is an “off market” deal, I can”t name the project here. I’ll tell you in person when we gather in the luxurious Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic for the Forum.

Here’s how the numbers play out:

Attendees can buy this lot for $25,000…make a 10% down payment…and then enjoy interest-free monthly payments of $187.50 for 10 years.

The entry point is $25,000. As the lots go higher for better views…or get bigger to keep horses and grow you own food…you will pay more for the land.

This place is only cheap on the price tag. It’s rich and luxurious in every other way. This is just one of these places that only a small number of expats have paid attention to – until now, that is.

Here you can hike, horseback-ride, bird-watch, swim, fish and boat. With temperatures in the high 70s almost year-round, the weather is perfect for an active lifestyle…and perfectly suited to keep the rich pastureland and forest a bright and dark green year-round.

Arenal is a wonderful place. This is a strong opportunity. I hope you can join us for our private gathering (places are strictly limited to 150) where you will hear more about this place and how you can get in on this opportunity. Find out more about the International Real Estate Investment Forum here.


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