Buy Costa Rica For Less Than $16/day

Costa Rica has it all. White Caribbean sands and turquoise waters, a dramatic Pacific coast banked by a blanket of rich, green jungle and a lake district of towering volcanoes, hot bubbling springs and glass-flat water.

Even in a country this stunning, Arenal stands out.

Easily accessible from Costa Rica’s international airports of San Jose and Liberia, this gem boasts rich, green pastoral hills that roll down to the lakeshore while soaring, dramatic volcanoes form an awesome backdrop.

With temperatures in the high seventies almost year-round, the weather is perfect for an active lifestyle…and perfectly suited to keeping the rich pasture land and forest a lush green.

The Arenal Volcano towers to 5,300 feet—and it’s active. Hot springs bubble, sizzle and steam from deep within the earth’s crust. At night you can actually pick out the orange glow in the black sky.

In town, friends and neighbors congregate over a cafe au lait, pastry or some of the best food in Costa Rica at one of the popular restaurants.

However, if you want to buy in this magnificent region…getting finance is difficult. If you can get approved you will likely pay north of 10% interest after filling in lots of forms and meeting tricky conditions.

That’s why I’ve put together a deal which could mean you get to buy here interest-free and with a very small down payment. Just outside of town is a real estate project where you can buy a lot with jaw-dropping lake, volcano and jungle views for as little as $1,900 down and monthly payments of $475 (that works out to less than $16 a day).

Lots here start at just under $15,000. But for that price you won’t have any lake view. Lake view lots start at $19,000 and go up depending on views and lot size.

The finance formula is pretty straight forward. You pay 10% down and divide the balance by 36 equal payments. So, for a $19,000 lake-view lot, you make a payment of $1,900 and then for three years make monthly payments of $475.

Directly in front of the project is the Lake Arenal Yacht Club. This is part of a neighboring community but as an owner you can get free docking for your boat. And as a sweetener—you are invited to visit and stay in a guest house at the project for two nights free of charge.

You’ll get to visit, kick the dirt, feel the sun on your face and enjoy the reinvigorating effect of the hot springs. You’ll see first-hand if this opportunity is for you. You’ll also have a great time. I know I certainly did.

How is a deal like this possible? Well, my job for Real Estate Trend Alert members is to find the areas with the most unique and under-valued real estate, identify the best opportunity within these areas and then negotiate a special price and terms for members.

That’s what I’ve done in Costa Rica’s lake district.

Editor’s note: This Costa Rica deal is available for Real Estate Tends Alert members. To join…to find out more about what RETA is all about…or to learn about other areas where Ronan has negotiated special deals…watch this video.