Buy Here, on the Best Beach for Hundreds of Miles…

The secret piece of Pacific coast I told you about yesterday, the one dotted with white-sand beaches and secluded rocky coves, is in Ecuador.

Ecuador has 1,400 miles of coast. But no other stretch is like this one.

Not only is it the finest section of Pacific coast in Ecuador…it’s the finest anywhere. This is a place of explosive colors and contrasts, forests and coves, exotic butterflies and monkeys.

Fishing villages and little surf towns dot the coast. Fishermen bring their fresh bounty ashore and sell it from their boats. Pioneer surfers catch waves and enjoy a cold beer at sundown. Right on the beach you can have a three-course meal for under $3. The freshest of produce. But no freshly pressed linen, if that matters to you (it doesn’t to me).

Ecuador’s coast has mass market resorts up north in Atacames. You’ll find the rich and beautiful set posing or driving sports cars along the boardwalk at Salinas. Here, on the superior stretch of Ecuador’s coast, you’ll find none of that.

In the past, it was difficult to get here. Therefore, it remained undiscovered. But now the new highway means you can drive here from Quito in three-and-a-half hours, making it the closest beach area to the capital city.

This is a classic Path of Progress scenario that people have profited from throughout history. Because of this improved accessibility, I expect prices will rise. The appreciation potential is considerable.

Profit aside, this would be a great place to have a beach home. A great place to spend time…feet up or snuggling in the sand, face in the bright sun and warm breezes…long strolls on the beach at sunset.

And you can generate a strong income here, too. On my last trip, I visited a home that grossed $3,800 rent in December. Not bad considering the owner bought it for $180,000. That’s a gross yield of 2.1% from one month alone. And the value of his home is rising. (This home is in the community where members of Real Estate Trend Alert can buy a lot for a manageable down payment and monthly payment of $470.)

This is a very special place. The type of place you would expect will come with a jet set budget. Maybe when the jet set catches on, it will.

For now, it’s a tremendous opportunity. I can’t write the name of this project (where you can buy with monthly payments of $470) or exactly where it is, in any publicly available material. This is an off-market deal strictly limited to 11 members of my Real Estate Trend Alert service.

Watch this video where I explain how these types of quietly done deals work…and how you can join in time to get the full briefing about this deal.


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