Buy in Costa Rica’s Overlooked But Most Beautiful Region – for $37,000

The Southern Zone, for me, is the nicest part of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast—it’s largely unspoiled because for a long time, it was difficult to get to. That’s why prices stayed low here while values went through the roof up north.

Previously, it was about a nine-hour drive from the capital San Jose to the Southern Zone. These days, thanks to a new coastal highway, the drive time has been cut to just over three hours.

That new infrastructure is opening up a previously untouched area where the rich green verdant jungle canopy rolls down to flat blue waters and empty sandy beaches.

There aren’t a lot of opportunities to buy here. Good development land is scarce in this area as much of the land is protected. But members of my Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA) group can buy a mountain-view lot here for only $37,000. (That’s RETA-members-only pricing.)

You won’t find five-star hotels or luxury resorts in the area where this mountain-view lot is available. Even so, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice modern-day conveniences. Close by, the charming town of Ojochal feels surprisingly cosmopolitan. You’ll find international cuisine and modern conveniences such as a doctor’s office, a dentist’s surgery, a gas station, a hardware store, a supermarket, and even an Internet cafe. Also, it’s not far from the recently built Hospital de Osa and the Ballena Marine Park nearby (that’s made up of four beaches).

Close to Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast you would expect to pay at least three times the price for a similar lot—even though it’s nicer here.

The landowners who are offering this lot were among the few who saw the potential of the Southern Zone long ago. They’ve owned land in this region for over two decades. They got in so early that they can sell for prices that would be unprofitable for any new entrants.

There’s no comparable pricing locally. It is the Gold Standard community here.

If you buy this lot, you could use it to generate income. There are many renters in this area and lots of buyers, too—demand is strong. As I said, the community the lot is in is the “gold standard” for the area. It’s the biggest, most accessible and the most successful development around in terms of sales. And that’s before the world catches on to Costa Rica’s stunning Southern Zone.

But the rest of the world is starting to catch on to what this area has to offer. The new road and infrastructure is bringing tourism and new visitors to the area. But even though this area is just opening up to tourists and second-home buyers, it’s far from frontier country.

This is an established community—200 homes have already been built. A full team is onsite to provide you with their construction experience. But if you want to, you can also choose your own team.

There are two plays for profit here:

  1. You can buy a lot, sit on it, and wait for it to appreciate. (Construction here isn’t mandatory though—there is no build requirement.)
  2. You can buy a lot, build a home, and rent it out for income when you’re not using it.

The rental market is strong because of that limited supply of rentals. I know of one owner of a three-bedroom, three-bathroom house (with its own pool and landscaped gardens) who grossed $88,000 in annual rental income. He managed to rent his home for 48 weeks of the year at a weekly rate ranging from $1,500 to $2,500. Carrying costs are low. His annual property tax bill is only $500. Insurance, utilities, cleaning, gardening, and pool maintenance total $500 per month.

His monthly homeowners’ association (HOA) fees are just $30…and yours will be low, too. Community amenities don’t include cash-draining things like beach clubs, restaurants, or a marina. (Your main amenities are the town of Ojochal and Mother Nature herself—rich luminous green jungle, sandy beaches and azure waters.)

I’ve told members of Real Estate Trend Alert all about this special deal—including how they can get the best return on their investment here. I’ll tell you about it, too—and let you access that special RETA-members-only pricing of $37,000—when you join RETA today. Click here for more information.

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