Buy the Pacific Coast for $416 a Month

With her bright, green, soaring jungle-clad hills, white sandy coves and a kaleidoscope of nature’s colors on land, in the ocean and in the air—this is one of the finest stretches of coast on my beat.

I’m talking about the same Pacific Coast deal…a killer deal…I introduced you to yesterday.

You can buy a lot here with a manageable down payment and monthly payments of $416.

You are buying land. Something real. As the Path of Progress rolls through…the best land…in the best projects…sees the highest returns. That’s my experience. This project is best in class. A new highway has made this coast accessible. It’s now the closest beach area to the capital. It’s always been this country’s nicest stretch of coast.

You aren’t buying an empty developer promise. This project is real. Sophisticated.

Completed homes here have been sold to the high-end domestic market. These three-bedroom, three-bath homes are spacious and comfortable. The ocean visits your living room through large open-plan kitchen and living areas.

Amenities at this project will include social areas, restaurant and tennis courts. There’s no other project on this coast with these amenities. But with a beach for swimming or volleyball…and nature all around for hiking, biking, boating or watching…this coast is one big amenity.

You are in both gated community…and nature’s beating heart at the same time.

The residents are the influential and connected from the capital. They expect the best—and get it. The developer is one of their own. His buyers are his friends and associates….always a good sign.

Members of Real Estate Trend Alert can buy a lot here with a manageable down payment and monthly payments of $416.

This is an “off market” deal. I can’t publicly disclose the name or even location of this project. Real Estate Trend Alert members will receive my report on this opportunity in three days—by 2.00 p.m. EST on Friday. This opportunity is for members’ eyes only.

Get access to this report here.

When it comes to this opportunity…quite frankly…the developer has been more than generous. His domestic clientele want to buy finished homes they can open the door and walk in to. I think he is undervaluing straight land. As prices along this coast rise…it’s newly accessible thanks to a new highway, remember…land prices will rise most as a percentage.

You could make your last payment of $416 on the 1st of November 2014. By then you could be sitting on a little pot of gold.

Or maybe you just dangle your feet in your plunge pool and gaze out across the ocean. That in my eyes would make you as rich as Croesus.

Editor’s Note: Ronan McMahon is a director of Pathfinder, IL’s preferred real estate advertiser. As I mentioned above, the full report on this opportunity will be released on Friday to Real Estate Trend Alert members only.