Caribbean Beach Bargains in the Dominican Republic

Columbus landed in the Dominican Republic in 1492—the same year he “discovered” some of the other Caribbean islands.

Like those other islands, the “DR” is ringed by white sand beaches and coconut palms. Unspoiled towns boast stone churches and candy-colored home facades. But, according to real estate expert Margaret Summerfield, that’s where the similarities end.

Because unlike so many nearby dollops of sand, the Dominican Republic still offers very low property prices… a reasonable cost of living… and, in the beachfront community of Las Terrenas in particular, the chance to enjoy an old world Caribbean lifestyle for pennies on the dollar.

I’m at International Living’s only U.S. event of the year: Our Live and Invest Overseas Conference 2011. Thanks to my front-row seat, I’m able to report back about exactly where—and how—you could live a laid-back, luxurious lifestyle…no matter how small your budget…

Margaret has our attention riveted on some pretty spectacular beach shots—and she’s assuring us that it’s every bit as good in person as it looks on the screen.

The Dominican Republic is two hours from Miami and four from New York. It’s easy to get residency. You’ll enjoy temperatures of 80F year-round.

Thirty years ago, Las Terrenas was a rustic fishing village. Europeans began to visit—mostly French and Italian. Some stayed to make homes and start businesses. Today Las Terrenas has a total population of 25,000—a third are expats. And now in increasing numbers, Americans are coming to this comfortably “European” enclave.

The Dominican Republic is not unknown. Playa Coson topped the list of Luxury Living International magazine’s top 10 beaches to live last year. This is where a luxury hotel charges $700 a night.

Yet you can buy a three-bed house with a pool here for $275,000. It can rent for $1,200 a week and gets 50% occupancy.

You can buy big villas and small studios in Las Terrenas…and if you don’t mind being a little off the water, you can get your own Caribbean hideaway for around $70,000, about 10 minutes from the beach.

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You could see the depth of expertise reflected in the way the speakers dug into dozens of destination in the Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nicaragua, Colombia, Belize, Brazil, and beyond.

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The Ultimate Asset Protection

Today we also heard from Robert Bauman, JD, one of the world’s top citizenship experts. He told us about the only way to end your U.S. tax obligation. (Forget about anything you’ve heard elsewhere—there is only one way to do this with full IRS approval.)

He also described a type of foundation perfect for asset protection. This is available in several countries—but there are only two you should do business with. And if you know just one piece of simple information, you can knock your set up costs down from $35,000 to $5,000 right away.

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What else? Live in Uruguay, an adopted homeland.

This is a First-World country at Third-World prices. A place of yachts and boulevards. Wide clean pavements and bustling sidewalk cafés. Big city Italian-style architecture and long stretches of golden beach—with houses you can buy on the water for just $75,000.

The infrastructure is excellent, and the health care affordable (you can get insured for less than $50 a month—and they’re generally good about taking pre-existing conditions). All told, you don’t need to spend more than $2,000 a month to enjoy a very high standard of living.

As soon as you apply for residency, you get a special card that immediately gives you all the benefits of residency (like access to health care) even while your application is processed.

It’s easy to get a second passport here.

Uruguay has a solid financial system, the banks are confidential, and the currency (Uruguayan peso) is strong.

It’s easy for North Americans to blend in. Uruguayans are a mix of all complexions, eye colors, and heights.

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One Little Chart, One Big Problem

He used a simple graph to make a compelling point. Aaron plotted the increase in U.S. national debt from 1940 to 2011. The red line went up—sharply. You don’t need to be a Republican or a Democrat to see what that sharp red line means for the value of the dollar in the future…and why it’s a very good idea to have non-dollar denominated assets right now.

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