Caribbean Dreams in Mexico

Enduring the winter months in Northeast USA can be rough. The snow, sleet and cold always compels me to go someplace warm. I often dreamed of having my own tropical paradise to visit whenever I wanted…although the reality of it seemed so out of reach.

After spending year after year traveling to various islands in the Caribbean for vacation, my partner and I decided to seek out those who had done what we wanted to do (like the people you read about in International Living).

We met people from all over the world who we considered “brave” to have invested in properties outside of their home country. We found the information they provided to be invaluable. We enjoyed hearing them share their stories and experiences.

Then we discovered an amazing condo hotel project on the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. The development is the expansion of an already successful all-inclusive mega resort complex on an absolutely gorgeous stretch of beach between Cancun and Tulum. As the resort owner decided to grow their development to include a golf course, they wanted to offer luxury accommodations to their new golfing guests and to handle the overflow from the beach resorts across the street.

We were offered an a pre-construction deal to buy a two-level penthouse suite with a rooftop deck at a great price…and to have the initial deposit financed directly by the developer at 0% interest.

When we went down to check the place out, it was all as advertised to be and more. The construction project was well underway. The developer’s staff was very easy to deal with and knowledgeable. Then we turned our “brave” visit into one of the most amazing investments we ever could have imagined.

A rarity in the United States and elsewhere, this project is ahead of schedule by almost six months. All units are now sold, and the final sales prices were over $20,000 more than we paid two years ago!

One of the best parts of this investment is the hotelier is going to lease back our condo and pay us a guaranteed income and take care of all the ownership expenses for the next five years. Not only that, we and our families get huge discounts to stay there or at any of the other numerous resorts they own around the world.

Clearly, if it weren’t for the contacts we made along the way, we never would have met the people involved with this development, or had the encouragement to make it happen for ourselves. They helped us turn our distant dream into reality.

Editor’s note: There’s an easy way to get all the contacts, strategies, and tips you’ll ever need…to give yourself the same advantages as Nancy had. Before you even think about buying property overseas, read this first.