A Caribbean Lifestyle on Mexico’s Riviera Maya for $1,200 a Month

“Coming to Cancún was like stepping into a postcard,” she Kristin Busse. “I love taking my son to any of Cancún’s many perfect beaches.”

Combining the glitz and glamour of modern resorts with a strong, ancient Maya influence, Cancún is the perfect blend of traditional Mexico and First World infrastructure.

“I have visited quite a few resorts and my favorites, so far, have been the Hard Rock Riviera Maya and Moon Palace,” says Kristin. “I love staying at all-inclusive resorts because you want for nothing. It’s all there! The food is excellent and it’s a great way to spend a weekend.”

Kristin says that Cancún has changed a lot since she first came here in early 2001. “When I first moved here I couldn’t even find a pair of shoes in my size, but now there are many shops and upscale malls both downtown and in the Hotel Zone. I can find almost everything I want at the supermarket, but there are a few things I miss, like Butterfingers candy bars,” says Kristin. “I usually buy my fruits and veggies at the open market downtown where I can get a weeks’ worth of fruits and veggies for about $7.”

As a food lover, Kristin says she loves Cancún’s thriving food scene, with more than 750 restaurants to choose from. “La Habichuela downtown is one of Cancún’s oldest and best restaurants,” she says. “The food and service are excellent, yet it’s not that expensive. Sitting in the dreamy garden with its twinkling lights is a must. I love how they use fresh ingredients and serve traditional Mexican and Mayan recipes. A full meal with dessert runs to around $15.”

Kristin spends about $1,200 a month for her Caribbean lifestyle on the Riviera Maya and that includes her payment on a spacious three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo. “We live in a nice middle-class neighborhood and my son has many friends around,” says Kristin. “Speaking two languages is natural for him and he gets to practice every day.”

These days, Kristin works as the Social Media Manager for a large resort chain on the Riviera Maya. “I manage the web pages, Facebook pages, and other social networking platforms while also tending to the blog content,” she says. “I have a normal daytime schedule and am home with my son every night. I love tucking him into bed.”

Even with work and being a mother, Kristin still finds time for her passion. “I have a blog about my life here in Cancún and I do some freelance writing about the vacation opportunities in Cancún,” says Kristin. “My writing gigs allow me to spend some of my weekends at great resorts. I recently spent a long weekend at Catalonia Playa Maroma. The beach there, I think, may be the best in the area. I was surrounded by luxury. They offer kayaking right from the beach and my son and I both took advantage of that and there were several nice restaurants on the property. I even sang a couple of karaoke songs in the lounge.

“It was a lot different when I first moved here. It was a lot smaller. Cancún is a busy city now, but I like the weather, the authentic Mexican food, and the fact that some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are just a few minutes away. Cancún is my home now. I have no complaints at all. In fact, I’m pretty thrilled with my life.”

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