Cash in on the Latest Trends in Vacation Rentals

You may remember a time, as recently as a decade ago, where vacation rentals were simply in beach areas. If you were like me, you got a huge catalog each spring, in full color, with a tiny photo of each house, and a cryptic description:

“2bd/2bath Between the roads, onsite parking, rooftop view.”

Enter the internet. Now, savvy travelers are connected to over a million properties, each with photos and a long description.

It opens up opportunities for travelers and owners alike. I bought my dream property in Fiji and I’ve discovered the secrets of cashing in on these new trends. It’s an ideal income to fund an overseas life…or prepare the way for retirement in the future.

You could earn $20,000…$30,000…even $60,000 a year in passive income from your vacation rental.

If you have found a location you love, chances are others will love it too…and pay you top dollar to stay in your house when you’re not there.

Demand is growing and vacation rentals are now found in over 190 countries. In the U.S., vacation rentals make up 20% of the accommodation market, and 7% of the travel industry as a whole.

We’ve gone from a being a cottage industry to a travel industry powerhouse. And, with a 94% satisfaction rate—the highest in the industry—we are quickly becoming the go-to experience for travelers.

This is a market you not only want to be in, but you want to dominate. And that’s why I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Because, honestly, a lot of owners are leaving money on the table.

Getting your holiday home noticed (and a calendar full of bookings) requires a little know-how. A lot of owners miss out on critical pieces of marketing.

Here are some things you need to know:

• Having 20 or more photos will double your inquiries.

• 400 words or more of powerful description gets a better response.

• A speedy response to inquiries will increase your chances of getting the booking.

The thing is, only a small percentage of properties are well marketed. If I look at a listing that only has six photos, I won’t pursue it, even though it could be the perfect retreat. If an owner throws up a few lines about the property but doesn’t bother to entice me, I’ll hit the “X” and move on. The owner will never know that they lost a potential customer.

And, if you’re willing to spend a bit more effort, you have the potential to make some serious income. By having a website, a blog, and a YouTube channel, you can be the go to resource for that area.

In fact, you could be the one who helps other owners with their properties—making a handsome commission for each booking.

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