Celebrities, Handbags, and $5,000 a Month

I started my blogging career as a creative outlet when I became burnt out working for large apparel corporations. I had always enjoyed writing and design and, through my blog, rediscovered what I loved about fashion in the first place—the artistry and glamour of what designers could do. I thrived on the pace…the scene…what a designer would create and what inspired them to do it.

Without a writing background, I never even dreamed about working for a magazine or being able to compete with established journalists. I first learned about blogging by contributing to a site about handbags. And when I created my own site, I wanted to get “under the skin” of the designers’ collections

There were so many personal style and shopping blogs, I wanted to do something different—to feature the craft behind the label…brands that contributed to higher causes…indie companies and start-ups.

I found several websites with blogging templates that were easy to use and as blogging became a regular routine, I also learned how to get paid by advertisers.

Now I spend anywhere from one to five hours a day writing, researching, photo editing, and carrying out social media promotion. The blog itself and blog-related activity—such as writing for other publications, photography, and fashion consulting—brings in between $5,000 and $6,000 a month.

Writing about fashion and the celebrities involved also puts me in direct contact with them and I have been able to partner with them on projects outside of my website. Working at the same corporation for many years would never have given me that opportunity.

Blogging allows me to write at any time of day (or night). For writing or social media clients, that can be performed from any location with Internet access. I can also pre-schedule posts for when I might be busy. I did this last fall when I was cruising in a remote bay in Vietnam and it allowed me to meet all my project deadlines.

You can plan your travels to attend events related to your blog…or contact people or companies related to the topic at any destination you want to enjoy. Marketing representatives will want to network with you and impress you. If you’re lucky, this can lead to invitation-only experiences that enhance your travel in addition to giving you content.

I have been asked to attend some terrific dinners with celebrity guests…had invitations to try out spas…and received beautiful gifts from brands looking to expand their reach.

Writing a blog gives you credibility in your chosen area. In any new destination you might move to, you can act as a publicist for local businesses looking for international recognition in the field you write about.

I have sold a photo and article to a trade show publication whose brands were represented in the area I was traveling to. Photos I took overseas were later used as part of a visual travel campaign for a brand that advertised on my blog. I often work on client articles while on vacation. Location doesn’t matter as long as you have an Internet connection.

Blogging is a business that can be run from any destination and is adaptable for almost any interest. As far as start-up costs, there are few businesses that can be run with less funds. The biggest investment is your passion!

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