Coconut Palms, Comfy Hammocks and Killer Cocktails

The icing-sugar sand is cool against your feet. The turquoise sea pushes perfect ruffled whitecaps gently up on the beach. Sitting in the shade of a coconut palm, an exotic cocktail in your hand, you fall in love with Caribbean living. You start thinking about a second home, so you can spend a lot more time here. But you’re not sure you can afford it…

Well, you can. We’ve uncovered a place that offers this dreamy Caribbean lifestyle—with a tiny price tag. You can own a luxury condo from $182,000.

With easy developer financing, too—no credit checks, no medical exam, no mountain of forms to fill in. That means you can spread your payments and pay as little as $995 a month to live here. That’s in a place where others are currently paying up to $1,589 a week to vacation.

This location is dreamy. It’s got powder beaches and crystal-clear seas. It’s got a barrier reef, with jewel-like corals and tropical fish. It’s got swaying coconut palms, comfy hammocks, and killer rum cocktails. You can swim, sail, kayak, surf, sport fish, dive, snorkel…or simply soak up the sunshine and the sea views…

This Caribbean has an off-beach menu of activities, too. You have a choice of signature golf courses to practice your swing. Shopping, nightlife, chic cafes, gourmet restaurants, cinemas: all on your doorstep. You can enjoy film festivals, jazz festivals, and food festivals in the beach towns close by.

This Caribbean is easy to get to. It’s a short flight from much of the U.S., with low-cost fares from budget airlines.

And unlike many Caribbean island destinations, you won’t have to make do. You can shop at Walmart or Sam’s Club. With modern hospitals and clinics, and even hardware stores, this surely has to rank as one of the easiest, most convenient Caribbean destinations to fall in love with.

And with homes here from $182,000…or $995 a month…it’s also one of the most affordable.

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