Collect These 7 Things for Self-Employed Success

When starting out, many self-employed folks miss out on a host of valuable resources right under their noses. Keep an eye out for these gems, collect them, and your success is all but assured.

Below are the top seven collectibles for kicking open the doors of opportunity and forging a path to your success…

Stories: Storytelling is a friendly, approachable marketing technique as old as time. But many self-employed folks overlook the power of their own stories…or simply don’t remember them.

Keep a journal or file full of stories you encounter—both in person or as a reader. When it comes time to write an inspirational speech, spiff up your website, or compose a compelling email, you’ll have a pool of material to draw from.

Self-employed friends: Official business organizations can be useful for networking, but it’s also beneficial to have informal relationships with others who are self-employed. You can bounce ideas off them, share stories and experiences, and motivate each other.

Start following entrepreneurs on social media. Organize a local group. Find out about organizations and informal gatherings of self-employed folks in your area. Go to workshops and conferences aimed at the self-employed.

Before you know it, you’ll have a tribe.

Testimonials: It’s a great feeling when a client lets you know that they’re satisfied with your business. But it can do much more than lift your spirits. Positive reviews and testimonials let others know that you’re the person for the job, and will help you attract more clients and customers.

Develop a system for saving and displaying thank you notes and words of praise.

Experiences: New and different experiences are important for your personal growth and, often, the basis of your best stories. While not every new experience needs to be planned in advance, penciling in some regular activities will keep things fresh and interesting.

Resources: When searching for resources, look beyond the usual Google search. Head out into your community and dig up resources the old-fashioned way. Try the library or your local visitor center. Does your hometown newspaper do stories about small businesses in your area? What about adult education programs that can sharpen your skills?

Expertise: From the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, I recognized that being regarded as an expert would be useful. If you’re passionate about something and focus your energies on it, then it’s only a matter of time before you grow into the role of the expert.

Use that expertise to expand your visibility, help others, make new discoveries, and create additional incomes. Which brings me to number seven…

Variety of incomes: All enterprises go through cycles, but not all cycles are synchronized. If you have a variety of services on offer, you can adjust, revamp, and shift gears as necessary.

This will also help you stay inspired and give you outlets for all of your passions. With an evolving portfolio you can keep adding new and interesting pieces to your own unique puzzle.

Image: © Chernyakov

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